Thursday, July 20, 2017


I had planned to do a lot this summer.
  1. I was going to wake up at my normal school year time...
  2. I was going to go and work out to lose the standardized testing pounds I gained from March-May.
  3. I was going to work on my TPT ideas.
  4. I was going to print out centers, laminate, cut, and store them.
  5. I was going to make cute things for my boards.

Instead, I have slept in until 8 everyday. I have watched Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I have read books... and they WERE NOT school related. I have been to the West Coast, Alaska, and Canada. I have gone fishing. I have gone to the park. I have hung out with family and friends. I have played video games. I have just been. Sunset, Midsummer, Lake, Orange, Finnish

My house is nice and clean. My shopping bill is a bit up from taking advantage of the summer deals. Do I regret any of it?


No, I don't regret a single second.

Last year was a rough year. The last three years have been hard on my family because of illness. My father-in-law passed away this summer. It made me think about all the time and effort I put into my job. Don't get me wrong--I love my job. I really do.. but it's hard to balance life and work.

So this year, I am making a promise to myself to make things easier on myself. Here are my school year goals:

1. Work on saying, "NO!" After all, in this time and age--employers expect you to be on 24 hours a day it seems. Sometimes our parents think that as well. This year, I'm telling my parents after 5, I probably won't answer if you message me on the Remind App or through my e-mail. I am telling my principal that I cannot do four meetings a week during my planning. I have to say no, even if it makes me look like "that teacher."

2. I am going to have fun at work. Last year, I took all the fun out of my room. I was afraid that the kids wouldn't do what I expected. Sometimes their behavior wasn't the best and I took away. This year, the ones who want to keep us from having fun can go sit in another area and work on book work or something while the rest of us is grooving and learning!

3. I am not going to feel bad about what other teachers are doing. I always feel like I need to one up someone or that I need to be doing what everyone else is doing. Why? I guess I want to be the same as what everyone "thinks." This year--NO! If everyone is drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch then that's great for them! I might not be able to do that because those things are gross. They made everyone cute little gifts to welcome them back to school. Oh that's nice. My kids are getting a smiling face and a bunch of stories from things I have done over the summer.

If you are feeling stressed out about starting the year, or from seeing so much about teaching online...please don't be stressed. I mean it. Everyone puts their best things online. It's not to make you feel bad or's to inspire you or to get you to purchase something. Instead, know what you need to make yourself happy. After all--if you aren't happy now, then you aren't going to be when school starts back. You have to be ready and rejuvenated for the first day of school!

If you need to vent or you need to know that you aren't crazy...then email me or comment below. The teaching community is huge, and we are here to support each other. We aren't here to make others feel inadequate. Promise!

Remember to take time every week for yourself. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what I do every week to make sure I'm making the most out of this school year!


  1. I LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing! (I am stealing your goals too! ❤️😊)

  2. I'm glad you stopped by! Let me know how it goes for sure! :D