Saturday, February 4, 2017

Have you tried these?

I have to tell you about these new Kwik Sticks!

Do you want your anchor charts to really pop on the walls and not fade? I created an anchor chart for my students using the new Kwik Stick-Thin Stiks, and they commented on it right away. They couldn't believe how much brighter the charts were. They asked how I made the colors brighter, and I showed them how the paint sticks worked. Of course they all wanted to use them after that!

Look at the wall! The chart in the middle and on the easel I used the Kwik Sticks too! On the ends, are just markers. :)

When you use them be prepared to be amazed. You don't have to worry about getting ink--or in this case paint-- on you. They dry very quickly, so there is no worry about  messy smears.

Get yours here! (*affiliate link)
Comment on how you use yours. :)

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