Sunday, June 26, 2016

Are you coming to Nashville soon?

It’s amazing how time flies. The classroom packed up. I had a great time in French Lick. I packed up and sold my home. Now it’s summer. I decided that this summer was going to be the summer I relaxed a bit and focused on what was important to me. So, what have I been doing? Glad you asked!

I am exploring the city around me! I cannot believe how much Nashville has changed in the last 6 months, let alone in the last 3 or 4 years. As we look for our new home, I am looking at neighborhoods that I never had gone to before.

While we are doing that, we have to eat! If you come to Nashville, please don’t bother with a bunch of chain restaurants. There are so many great places to eat instead. Here are some of my favorites:

Some great people at Monell's for breakfast!
1.   Monell’s: There are two in Nashville. One in Germantown by the baseball stadium (hard to find parking), and there is one near the airport. The one by the airport is my personal favorite. It’s in an old manor house that’s been there since the late 1800s. Before it was Monell’s it was a seafood place, and I always dreamed about going there just to see the inside. The décor is great, as it pays homage to a time that’s long gone.
My work buds celebrating the end of the year at the Pharmacy.

2.  The Pharmacy: This is a German biergarten right in the middle of East Nashville (just a few blocks from my school!).  I totally recommend the Stroganoff Burger and sweet potato fried. You will not be disappointed. Just know that there is always a wait.

3.  Riverside Grill Shack: If you want an amazing burger, but not wanting to wait… you can opt for Riverside Grill Shack. Order at the walk up window. Sit on a picnic bench, and chow down. It’s some good eating!

4.  The Grilled Cheeserie: This is a food truck, so you have to find where they are (although they are opening a hard location in Hillsboro Village). This place doesn’t just have your normal grilled cheese sandwiches; they really thought outside of the box. I believe everything is fairly local too.

5.  The Smiling Elephant: This is a Thai restaurant right off of Wedgewood and I-65. You have to try their different drinks, Thom Ka (coconut soup), and try their dessert! You will not be disappointed.

I can probably think of some more, however, this is really making me hungry. I’ve got a place to go try now!

Nothing beats eating at my house though. The hubster is a chef for crying out loud. He can even make left overs taste great. When we go out, it is very hard to eat sometimes. He picks a part the food to see what's in it, or tells me how he would have made the food. However, I never have to figure out what to order, he can order for me no matter where we go! It's how I know to order more than Pad Thai at the Smiling Elephant!

Have you found some great eats in Nashville? Let me know below!

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