Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Hop

Knock, Knock
(Who’s there?)
Orange  ...
 (Orange who?)
Orange you shocked it’s already Halloween time?!

I know I am! It seems like it was just the first day of school!
a nine week grading period is in the books,
fall break is underway,
& parent teacher conferences are around the corner.
Where does the time go?

This week, I am linking up with Primary Polka Dots and friends to bring you a Halloween blog hop. I hope that you take the time out and trick-or-treat with everyone around. 
Click to get your treat! :)
In our fourth grade classroom this month, we are busy learning about explorers and the thirteen colonies, however, I have introduced a new component that has helped us line up quicker. I thought that maybe you would be interested in it as well. I learned this trick from a friend at a workshop this past summer, and thought why not give it a try.
 Recite Me: October Poem
We recite a stanza from our “monthly poem” as we line up during transitions. I show it on the overhead as they are lining up. Each week we will add a stanza to the lineup process. At the end of the month, they will recite the poem to the entire class. This way, we work in some of those speaking and listening skills! I’m really excited to try out this month’s poem. The first week went so well. They learned the first stanza of October. We learned about some of the parts of the poem as well. Don’t forget to get your free copy of this month’s poem page. 


Last year at school, I dressed up for Halloween. I was the Book Fairy! I walked around the school with my awesome outfit, and rewarded students who were walking the hallways quietly with a book from the book bag--boy was that heavy! 

I made my "wings" out of cardboard, string, scrapbook paper, and newspaper. Then I found a really neat headband (that lit up!) at Kroger. Finally, I added some books from McKay's into my Halloween bag. I was ready for the school day.  (PS- The name of my book-wings were A History of Magic) I hope I can find all of my pieces to reincarnate the book fairy named "Bookthilda Factshot"

The kids really thought I had dyed my hair too!

Of course, some magic has to happen at the house! Here is a pic from our Halloween party a few years ago (again-it seems like only last year!). I was concocting a magic potion for the crowd of onlookers! There are a lot of easy, peasy magic-er- science experiments that you can do to spice up your school party! This one was making goop--think chemical reaction! 

Corn starch and water is all you need. You can call the corn starch something witchy like Crushed Ogre Teeth and the water you can add food coloring to it, and call it ________ Potion or Swamp Water. 
Mix them together until it's liquid when you rub it, but hard when you poke it. Check out how you can make it in YOUR classroom here.

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Next, go and trick-or-treating at my neighbor's blog. 


  1. Thanks for sharing a great idea or two! I love the idea of using your line-up time to memorize the poem. Such a great use of time.

    1. It's been so fun lining up to the rhythm of a poem! Thanks for stopping by!