Friday, September 4, 2015

GoNoodlers Unite!

So, being from Nashville, I am very fond of GoNoodle. The folks there completely out do themselves every time I log in. My kids are so very excited when I say we are going to do a brain break.

Are 4th graders too old for GoNoodle?
No way! My kids love to jam to songs like Pop Se Ko and to do yoga with Maximo. During quiet time they want to travel the USA with Airtime. They walk around telling people about the crazy state facts they learn from it.

How can I make it educational?
Bodyspell is great to get kids to learn their spelling words. I put in their spelling words for the week, and I have students that are such Kinesthetic learners! It really helps them remember the patterns. You can see them on their tests doing the motions!

My students are ecstatic when they can help Montana James through the Palace of Peril. We enter study questions for their subject. Then they do the exercises to answer the questions. They love to play against each other.

Socio-Emotional Learning
A big move that we are doing this year is really focusing on the whole child and helping them learn how to solve problems and see their own self worth. Think About It gets kids thinking during our Morning Meeting time. You can hear them telling each other the Think About It moments as reminders throughout the week


I am very excited to be a part of the blogger hop for GoNoodle! Even better... there is a GIVEAWAY!

Have you ever seen a bracelet as an eraser? Oh my goodness, these are pretty awesome! I wish I had some for my kiddos!
If you want to get some for yourself, you can always go to the GoNoodle store. Use BTSwithGoNoodle for 15% off of your order. (It's good from Sept. 4th to Sept. 11th)

What to learn more ways to use GoNoodle in your classroom? Check out the mega-post here!

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