Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Math Session Number 2

The next part to my series on Math is the use of the iPad in the classroom. Last year I had an iPad, but I really had no idea what to do with it. It was really nice to really learn how to use the iPad as a tool rather than a toy. Which is the name of the book (Not a Toy, but a Tool) that we got from the Lipscomb professor, Dr. Carrie Thornthwaite, AKA Dr. T! This book is filled with so many apps and ideas for them. You can buy the book here.

Here are some of the apps that I found useful:

1.    Nearpod- allows for the students on any media device to see your presentation.
2.  Plickers- ABC cards that your kids hold up, and you scan the room with your phone or iPad. Results are instantly published for you to look at.
3.  Inspiration Maps- You can have kids create thinking maps for vocabulary, word problems, or any concept you can think of.
4.  Edmodo- it’s kind of like Facebook. You post something and then your kids can reply to the posts.
5.  Animoto- Takes images and add text to create a video. This could be for a great intro to a lesson or to have kids find real live examples of the lessons.
6. Socrative- Allows you to see how your kids are collaborating on projects and lets you give instant feedback. You can also as a question and have the kids respond with their media.
7.  Eureka Ed- Coding with cartoons!
8.  Educreations- Teachers can create videos to add to blogs, send as homework, to record directions for centers, or to have students create videos on how to solve problems.
9.  Tellagami- Gives you an avatar and allows you to record your voice. You can use this to create center directions, center tasks, or to send reminders to parents or students through email or social media.
10. Sock Puppets-Students pick out characters and settings. They record their voices to create a story. They can use their puppets to explain how they solve problems, summarize a story, or whatever you can cook up!

Now, some of these apps can work for any subject matter. Some of these are not free, but they are totally worth it for your classroom. If you are like me and only have one or two iPads, these are great to get you started. Groups of kids can work together to create stories or to solve their problems with technology. Some are made to make your life easier as well. I cannot wait to use Plickers in my classroom!

Do you have a favorite app? Post a comment below to tell me about it!

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