Friday, July 17, 2015

Geomtery in the Classroom (and a freebie)

I know that this was supposed to go out on Monday, however, this has been the BIGGEST week ever. I can’t even wait for the weekend because we are having a gigantic yard sale this weekend! Ughh! Well, anywayslet’s get on with the reason why you are here, shall we?? 

The next section of math that I wanted to discuss was geometry. Now, I’ve never been a fan of geometry. It was my least favorite class. You know that teacher that really made you not like learningwell I had that one freshman year in this area. So, I wasn’t thrilled when this section came up, but I thought I’d go in with an open mind!

The professor took a different approach with teaching geometry than most others would have. Granted there was still some really crazy theorems that I had no clue about being done on the board, but there was some things that I could do (with the help of my friend Latoya from Flying into First!).

We used origami. I really loved how he could incorporate geometric terms with the paper folding art. He even told how he could get something like 270 geometric terms into one origami piece! It was really more than, “Okay guys, fold it hot dog style. No, Johnny not hamburger style!” I thought to myself that it was a great way to get those artistic and kinesthetic learners interested and to keep them on task.
And friends, if you are not great at paper folding, no worries! There are so many tutorials and videos for it that you really just have to follow along or help the kids. When you do a diagonal fold, however, discuss that fractional or even the equivalent parts. Discuss symmetry or the new shapes that were created. Check out this site for some ideas.

Another thing that I really enjoyed and will be adapting into my classroom was the use of scavenger hunts. We had to go out onto the campus and find examples of quadrilaterals, polygons, hexagons, octagons, rectangular prisms, etc… It was great to see how I could check for understanding of concepts with this. Since I teach ELA and SS, I envision using this for grammar or writing styles. I could even use it to have students find examples of how history has impacted our society today! I’m very excited to try it out in my room. You can get your own copy of a Geometry Scavenger Hunt here!  

Another thing that we got to rediscover was Disney’s Donald in Mathmagic Land! I remember watching this in elementary school. What a great way to introduce students to geometry in the world around them and the history behind it! I would suggest breaking the movie up into small pieces to show to your class. It’s about 26 minutes long, however, some of the movie needs to be broken down a bit and some background knowledge might need to be built up. Otherwise, it’s a great video to get students thinking about the world around them. You can get your own copy on Amazon right here!

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