Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Study: 21st Century Skills

So, I know that I am a little late on my post about my take away from the next chapter of Learn like a Pirate, but I’ve been in workshops for two weeks straight! Do you ever feel like your summer just leaves you without you knowing where it went?! That’s where I am right now. 

This chapter really spoke to why Paul decided to get his kids ready for the technological society we are moving into! His reasons kind of line up to mine I think. I really want my students to be ready for life after elementary school. With our school’s changing to middle school after the fourth grade, students seem to be shoved into middle school before their maturity level is ready for what it entails. 

Our state is moving to having all of our end of year tests being online, our communities are using and needing technology more every day. A lot of parents might not know how to use the technology well enough to teach students how to gather the facts from the internet and use their research to solve problems (hmm…sounds like PBL!).
One takeaway from this chapter is how he incorporated these into all of his lessons, then offers a progress report for the students to really know how they are doing.

I never really thought about letting kids really dig into their report cards. This could be great for our kids who really don’t have the parental support at home. We could easily make SMARTer goals based on our reports and use our progress reports to help be a checkpoint.

There are so many things that I cannot wait to implement this year. Goal setting and precise, academic feedback, however, has been the biggest pieces that I want to implement. I believe that it will be an uplifting piece for students in our area! Think about how great it feels when you achieve a goal! I know that I feel WONDERFUL!! : )

I would LOVE to hear how you incorporate 21st Century Skills in your classroom. Comment below with your suggestions! 

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