Monday, June 1, 2015

Some of my birthday wants!

My family says that I am THE HARDEST person to buy for. I’m not sure why they think that. I think buying for a teacher is pretty simple! So, today I am posting in honor of Ashley at Teaching in the Net’s Birthday Bash and for my family who says I’m a tough pleaser.

Here are some favorite items that I’d love to get for my birthday.
First, I’d like to get an Amazon gift card. I love, Love, LOVE Amazon and their unique items. I can get nearly anything I order in under two days, delivered to my door step.
Happy Birthday Ashley! :)

Secondly, I like markers! Chart markers, pen markers, board markers—just markers! Currently, I’m really digging the Scentos markers. I got some packs when I was at the French Lick Blogger meet up, and the kids and I look forward to using them.

Finally, there are two staplers that I am really wanting to get. One is the stapleless stapler from Kokuyo; that you can find here. The other is this one from Quirky that has a detachable base. It would make putting up bulletin boards easier or putting staples in areas that are NOT in the corner.

See? I don’t think I’m that hard to please. School is my life right now, so that’s the kind of things I need/want—school things! Cute folders, planners, boarders, letters, you name it! What are some things that you want for your birthday?? Comment below!

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for Ashley’s birthday blowout! There are some great prizes to be had.
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  1. Cindy, I agree! If I just got office supplies for my birthday and Christmas, I'd be a happy camper!!! Thanks again for celebrating with me! I really appreciate your support! You rock!!! :)