Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nash Teacher Bash 2015!

Nashville was the place to be this weekend! Thanks mostly to GoNoodle and ESGI, we were able to plan an amazing event for teachers and bloggers. If you weren’t there, then be prepared to be jealous.
Friday night we went to see the Sounds win at their new stadium. Of course, it’s Friday night, so you know there has to be fireworks. The fireworks lit up the sky almost as well as they do on the 4th of July. (Speaking of which, we are supposed to have the BIGGEST 4th of July firework show in the nation this year…are you coming??) Thanks Go Noodle for the awesome sunglasses! We even got on the Big Guitar dancing with the sunglasses on. Can’t forget the cool shirts from Remind! The hosts wore them to the game.

Saturday, Latoya, Greg, Dana, Alexandria, and I all went to start setting up at Atamolgy. This place is very quaint and a nice place for intimate get togethers. Of course two of the All Ya’ll Need team and Lawren from Teaching is a Royal Adventure came to help put up the posters and set up the area too! Here we had over $14,000 worth of prizes and gifts! GoNoodle paid to have Jim and Nick’s bring out their best workers and cater. Coupon Culinarian sent cookies for dessert. As soon as we got all of the gifts and giveaways set up, the guests started to arrive! We have planned for only 37 people to show up for sure, but close to 60 people came! Yeah, it started to get real cozy, but it made the event that much better. We all got to really talk with people and to catch up or meet new people.
Thanks again to the sponsors who donated to the event!

After the clean-up, I went home to cool off! Then we were off again to Opry Mills Mall. There we decided to eat at Chuy’s (not my first choice, sorry guys!). Because our party was so big (26 of us), we had to be split up in groups of 4. My group was the best though! We had a lot of fun getting to know each other better. Then we walked, and we walked, and we walked to Opryland Hotel. It was as beautiful as ever. The Library is where we ended up. (Who knew teachers would meet at a bar called the Library… in the summer?!) Then they closed on us, and we ended up separating. Some of us went to Fuse and had some great desserts! It was a very relaxing night.

EARLY on Sunday…and I do mean early…. I got up to meet the gang at my favorite restaurant in Nashville. Monell’s at the Manor. If you ever come to Nashville, you MUST eat there. It’s in an old plantation house, and over the year’s it’s been many different places. It is a family style sit down restaurant. They bring out Southern staples, and you pass it to the left! We ate until we were stuffed, and then took a picture on their stairway!

I’m so glad I got to be a part of the planning of this event. It was really a great thing to be a part of, and I cannot wait until next year.


  1. Love the video! "RUN, don't walk to the next Nash Teacher Bash!"

  2. Thanks for all of your hard work organizing and planning the event! It was a fantastic weekend!

  3. Thank you for planning the event Cindy. It was a wonderful weekend! I love your video!

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