Saturday, May 16, 2015

The End is Near!

They really gave me the mic at camp read!!
Here we are! The school year is coming to a close. I know that everyone out there is feeling like me. I can’t get enough sleep. There are so many events happening at school that it’s been a crazy month of May.

Testing is finally over! (Except for running records) We’ve had visitors from all over, guest speakers, TCAP block party, field day, Camp Read, and soon to be graduation.

On top of it, to keep things interesting, I’ve been doing the Countdown to Summer! We started at 10 and are on our way down. I tried to make the school’s activities fit into the plan so that I didn’t have to do EXTRA work. J

Day 10- ABC Day one
Day 9- ABC Day 2

Kids got to play a Minute to Win it Game: Stackable cups, then we played Kaboom! Students had to complete a sheet of synonyms for the word eat, and put them in order. Finally they had to complete an ABC Book for Social Studies found here.  Students ate ABC animal crackers and juice.

Day 8- Camping Day
This was so much fun! I brought in my fire pit, and made a tissue paper fire. On the projector, I had a campfire that crackled, we listened to nature sounds on Youtube. We practiced our map and geography skills. Then we had a campfire read aloud, and they had independent reading around the campsite. Then we ate s’more snacks. (The day before in science lab, they created solar ovens and made s’mores with the scientist. Connection!)

Day 7- Theater Day
We discussed the difference between theater and the movie theater. Then we read a book on called Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater. Then we practiced for our Reader’s Theater. They enjoyed practicing their parts. They didn’t really enjoy sitting through the delivery, but to help get us through that there was juice and theater candy. J

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  1. For the past 9 years I taught sixth grade so I always had to plan graduation, end of year trips, awards, parties, etc. This year I switched to fifth grade and I am enjoying just spending time with my class and letting them get outside a little more. We still have another month and a bit to go...our last day is June 26th.

    1. This is my first year in 4th, so it's been a change! I hope the end of the year goes well for you! I couldn't imagine going that late. Our air doesn't work in half of the school. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I love your camping activities. I can't believe you brought in a tent and all those supplies. You're a better woman than me! :)
    Your students look like they had so much fun!!!!

    1. I thought I had replied to this earlier!! I have been wanting to have that for sooo long! They really did enjoy it all. I think that if we weren't having families come I wouldn't have gone all out. ;)