Saturday, May 2, 2015

Because of Winn-Dixie

My very first supplemental packet is ready for purchase!

I just found out that I am staying in 4th grade next year, so with that I wanted to begin making things for the next school year. (I’m a bit obsessive like that!) With that being said, I began with our unit 1, lesson 1: Because of Winn-Dixie.

This supplemental pack has several printables that you can use in multiple ways. 

First there is a daily bell work sheet. We only have x amount of copies every month. If everything is on one sheet, it helps students become more responsible and helps me out all the same. This sheet allows kids to practice the skills in this unit.
Next there are vocabulary cards with matching definitions. Students can sort them, play Slap! or Memory, and/or make flash cards to practice.
There are several different writing sheets to use as students begin to create their first narrative writings in 4th grade. It’s important to teach them how to organize their thoughts before they begin writing. Students have to practice using the sensory details into their writing, as well as creating complex and complete sentences.

Another activity in here are summarizing sheets. There is one for lower level where kids are asked to do the 5 W questions on the hand and then rewrite the sentences onto the palm as a paragraph. The other is separated for students to show characters, setting, plot, and then to rewrite in a longer paragraph. 

Next is working on affixes, in particular, the prefixes un-, re-, and dis-. I have a couple of interactive notebook pages that students can sort words with the prefixes and their definitions. There are some blank cards so that you can add more cards to their stack, or so that kids can create more words with the prefixes as an extension activity.
There is a supplemental story called “Retracing the Steps” and students are asked to use their skills they have learned throughout the week to answer questions. This could be a middle of the week assessment or even a re-teaching tool.

There are 9 printable I can statements for students to know exactly what they are learning. Students love to know what they are learning and what they are going to be in charge of knowing for their assessments.
Speaking of assessments, the last item in this packet is a standards checklist. I took the 7 standards that this unit is based on and gave each standard three sections: pre-assessment, post assessment, and re-teaching assessment. You can use this to keep track of each child’s progression throughout the year. I use these to help me know which student needs what during RTI, data meetings, and parent conferences.

I know it’s a bit early, but Teacher Appreciation Day is near! To thank you for inspiring me and others, here is a freebie sample of my newest unit. I hope you enjoy it! 

Want to win a copy of the whole packet? Enter today for your chance. A drawing will happen on May 6th! 


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  1. This year we've done Pay It Forward (Catherine Ryan Hyde), Wonder (RJ Palacio), and The Girl Who Owned a City (can't remember the author right now :( .) I teach a 7th grade literacy class! :)