Sunday, April 12, 2015

Take a Closer Look

Today we are hopping through to take closer looks at products in different stores! Here is a product that I am using in my classroom. It is the 31 Misspelled Words Task Card set.

I have used these in three different ways.
1.   Scoot! My kiddos love playing scoot. Since there are numbers on the cards, students just move in number order. We don’t have to move desks, or wonder where we go next! I just play the music, when it stops, they get to work!

2.   Hallway work. When we are transitioning or at the restroom, I can pull these out with some vis-à-vis markers. Students get to work while they wait, and they are getting extra practice in during the loss of time!

3.   Centers. Now that we are closer to TCAP, I have these in a review center for kids to pick up and work on!

This task cards are a bit different from others that are out there. I wanted my students to be able to choose the correctly spelled word, and then review types of sentences. The cards all have them using the word in context, and with a certain type of sentence (compound, exclamatory, interrogative, etc…)

My kids really enjoy task cards. They really are a nice, quick way for checking understanding. Want some for yourself? Get your own copy here!

Now head on over to Haley’s blog My Silly Firsties, and check out what she has offered.

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