Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Go Fetch! Cause and Effect Game

Hey ya’ll! 

Just a quick note about one of the new products my kids tried out this week. We are working on reviewing skills for our upcoming state test. One of our centers was all about cause and effect, so I broke out the Go Fetch game. 

Displaying 20150406_124224.jpgPlay is pretty easy. You give kids 4 cards each. The first player reads their card a loud to the group, and then chooses a person to ask whether they have the cause or effect that matches their card. The person they call on has a few play options. 
Displaying 20150406_124344.jpg

1.) They don’t have a matching card and they say, “Go Fetch.” The caller will choose a card from the deck and play will move on.
Displaying 20150406_124244.jpg2.) They have the card, and they give the card to the caller. The caller will place the match on the table. 

3.) They have the card, but they play a Go Fetch card. The caller will then take a card from the deck and play moves on. 

The kids really got into it, reading each other’s faces, trying to remember who had what cards, etc..! It was adorable! 

Want the game for yourself? Check it out here!
See ya’ll later!

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