Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekend Review of French Lick! :)

I wanted to tell you some more about our trip to French Lick for the 2015 Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup. Be warned-this post is a bit long, but stick it out! There is something awesome in it! It started all here in Nashville. I hurried to get out of the school building at a decent hour, you know, any time before 8 PM. Then, I got stuck in downtown traffic, apparently Wildcats won their basketball game, which was being held here. Downtown was ALL blue, it was really cool. While taking the twenty minute turned hour trip home, I realized I hadn’t picked out a gift for the Tool Swap! I detoured. 

After the detour, last minute necessity packing, and stressing about creating my first batch of business cards, my wonderful husband ordered me real business cards! Isn’t he sweet! We were trying to leave Nashville before 7, but by 8:30 we were really just heading out on the interstate… in the dark…and rain. Luckily for me, he was driving! The whole way up we were talking about cool ideas for TPT, so stay on the lookout, they are coming to life! At about 2:30 local time, we got to Bedford, Indiana. It’s only about a 20 min drive from French Lick…or so Google Maps said.

The 4/5th grade tool swap! All eyes are on me!
In a few hours, we were back up, changing hotel rooms because of the heat. Trying to get breakfast, and getting lost in the backroads of Lawrence Co.. It was a nice place, but not when you have no idea where you are. I wish I had gotten pictures! After turning around due to a bridge being completely underwater, we found a nice man to help with directions, and I was only 15 minutes late! 

Aren't the pom poms ADORABLE?!
I met up with Alexandria from Classroom Action with Ms. Jackson and Latoya from Flying into First Grade. Then it was all fun from there! The table decorations were so cute! I love pom-poms so much, and I think I really want to incorporate them in my room next year! Schoolgirl Style really outdid themselves with the cute décor! We did a quick intro activity that explained a bit about who we were and an adjective to describe ourselves. Each table had a letter that spelled out a word, and then we went to the mic to make ourselves known to the world!  The word is a really good one for me: INSPIRATION. (This is going to be an activity I use in my classroom after spring break!) 

You should have seen me looking at all of the awesome items to be given away! I love giveaways (that’s why you need to keep reading!!!!!!) There were TPT Gift Cards, SDE prizes, Sit Spots, ESGI memberships, Hue Imagination Studios Cameras and Animation Studio packs (WHAT I REALLY WANTED!!!!), Seat Sacks, and even a cute décor pencil! I was in AWE! People really care about teachers ya’ll!! Check out the photos! My two amigas even won something! (Yes, only a hint of jealousy-but I got over it!) 

At the end of our learning sessions, we got an Oprah moment! Everyone was leaving with some AMAZING things! Everyone at school saw my swag bag of goodies when I got back too. Scentos markers, pens, and stickers, Lakeshore and Vera Bradley bags, Erin Condren Planner, Creative Teacher Press tokens and pocket games! I was just overwhelmed, and now my co-workers are a bit jealous. (See why I’m not so jealous anymore!!) 

Our host with the Vera bag, the line for the freebies, and some of the awesome products!

This event really was amazing, but then GoNoodle and TPT made it EVEN better. We had the most EPIC PJ party ever. I love, love, love GoNoodle! My kids love GoNoodle. Our school loves GoNoodle now because of me…they didn’t even know about them! WOW! Well, here are the pictures, because they are def worth more than 1,000 words!

Thanks to all of the sponsors who gave and continue to support teachers. We really do appreciate it, and are proud to use your products. Now, here is the BEST news of the whole post… A GIVEAWAY!!! Three, yes 3! Swag bags will be awarded to people who sign up below! Check out the vendors who helped us out, like them, love them, follow them! 3 Lovely teachers will be winners!
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  1. Awesome post! So glad you came! It was such a fun weekend!!! I'm already counting the days til next year's event!