Thursday, March 26, 2015

Test Prep Linky!

Testing time is the most stressful time in the school year. 

That’s why some friends and I have decided to help by sharing some tips, tricks, and products to help make this time of year less stressful.

One thing that we do in our classroom is try to make it more fun! We go technical!

I’ve signed my kids up for, it’s a grammar practice site. Students pick their favorite TV shows, singers, etc… Then the kids can work on skills that you assign, or they can use the practice feature. It gives them practice, and the kids LOVE seeing their names on the screen.

Another thing we use is Kidblog. I either link or type up passages to the post for the week. Then I hide questions for the blog under their desks, cubbies, or in their mailbox. They have to retype the questions, state their answer, and then use text evidence or accountable talk to prove their answer is correct. Then they respond to others who post to explain why they agree or disagree if the answer is correct. We practice what accountable talk looks like beforehand to ensure we are being kind. 

Lastly, we do a daily TCAP (our state’s test) Question of the day. Students read the question as part of their morning work, they put their name and answer on a slip of paper and turn it into a box. The next morning we go through the test taking strategies and those who get the answer correct get to sign the paper and get a small treat! The kids love it. J
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See ya’ll later!

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