Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teacher Tool Swap

It seems like so long ago, but last weekend I had a really amazing time in French Lick, Indiana. Bloggers from all over met up at the beautiful French Lick Resort. My hubby and I stayed about 30 minutes North of French Lick, and the rain made us late on the first day! We traveled through an Amish area, and a whole road was covered in rushing water. Then, the GPS couldn't understand why we didn't want to go through it. Ahh... technology

Over 100 teacher bloggers came together for the 2nd Annual Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up in French Lick! While we were at this wonderful event hosted by {Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Connection} there were so many things to partake in and so much inspiration to be shared. Over the next week or so, we will be explaining more and more about what we all did! Keep the watch out.
Here is a sneak peak at one of the events, our Teacher Tool Swap Gift Exchange. Everyone brought a gift that we use in our classroom. We broke up into grade levels and played the “Wright Game.” If you haven’t played this game before, it’s really fun. I’ve used this game in my room to pass out jobs, supplies, or even task cards to start our think-pair-share games.
4th and 5th Grade Tool Swap
The Tool Swap
Amanda Pauley from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

Amanda Pauley from {Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten} retold a funny “left-right” passing story, similar to this one, but made it about teachers and the teacher tool gift! Every time she said the word "right", we would pass the gift to the right. Every time she said the word "left", we would pass it the left! When the story game was over, we sat in a circle and opened the gift and viewed our gifts. The giver got the opportunity to explain why they chose the gift(s) they did. I was amazed at many of the tools, I mean like a staple-less stapler? Wow!
The teacher gift I received was….

Lisa from {Fourth & Ten} knew exactly what I had been wanting. She filled the bag with Mr. Sketch Scented Markers and Dove Dark Chocolate. I have been writing with the markers all week. My kids have been so excited to smell their papers. Since we have been testing all week, the chocolate made the day so much better! 

I didn't think about taking pictures about what I gave, but I'll give you the quick run down! Curious Heart Emporium was going out of business, so I stopped in and found some great things! First, I found some chalk that was shaped into sculpted busts of famous statues. Then, I found some really neat shaped pens. One was sculpted into licorice and the other was a pinwheel that you can wind up. Kids go crazy for writing when you have fun pens! After walking around a bit more, I found an old fashioned bike bell. I know that Responsive Classroom is very big about the chime to signal for transitions. Finally, I filled up the bag with cute binder clips, paper clips, and post it notes.

Be sure to check out what my new friends picked up as well! You can definitely pick up some great ideas to use in your own classroom, or to make your life so much easier. (Is it bad that I have already picked out what gift I’ll be giving next year?!)
See ya’ll later!

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