Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Worksheet Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up with the Primary Chalkboard for their month long No Worksheet Wednesday!

We have been working on several skills for our upcoming state tests. During the morning time, we are taking mock tests online for our school. The kids are learning how to type in urls and really navigate the websites. After sitting for an hour and a half though, it’s time to do a brain break. We go to our favorite site: GO NOODLE! Here’s where I get creative, we do the Body Spell video. I can type in their spelling words, and they can just get their spelling and movement out of the way!

This afternoon, we began with a picture book. I read it aloud to the entire class, but they couldn’t see any pictures from the book. Then I gave the tables one bookmark sized sheet of paper, and had the kids discuss good titles that the author could have chosen from. They really got into it! They talked with their table mates and realized that they needed to have certain words. The story’s real title was called The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler. They got into the pattern of the book and really were able to decode what the monster wanted to eat!
Another thing we do is play board games from School Specialty. These games are great! The kids get so excited and try their best to get the main idea game. (Who would have thought that?!)

In after school tutoring today, we learned that we have to alphabetize people by last names. Everyone went around and wrote down the last names of their group. Then they had to order themselves in line across the library.

The funniest thing happened then I asked, “Well, where do I need to be?” Several replied, “But, Mrs. Stockdale, we don’t know your last name!” 

I know my jaw dropped, and finally one child came to my rescue and told them that they did know it, because they call me by it! 

What did ya'll do for No Worksheet Wednesday?

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