Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating in the Classroom, and Out!

For the last two weeks, everyone has been sitting and waiting to see who would be the winner of the Spring Break Giveaway! Here I am, on the first day of Spring Break, and ready to announce who the winner is.

First, however, I wanted to tell you about the awesome fun we had yesterday after our practice state test! 

Earlier in the week our students took DEA tests for each subject, so my team mate and I decided to throw a Growth to Proficient party! I used my new product, the Celebration Bundle to make the kids even more excited. 

We went through the data and we chose people who had grown 10% or who were proficient in the testing areas (ELA, Math, or Science). Then, I wrote out invitations and put them in their mailbox. When they came back from lunch to the invitations in their box, they were stoked! 
On Friday, they received their awards! They were pretty evenly divided on whether they wanted a bracelet or a necklace. I was glad that I had printed enough of both to allow them choose which one they wanted! 
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They got to wear them when they started the last test of the week, so I know that it made them perk up a bit. They had smiles every time they touched them, and they seemed to work harder. The kids even brought them to guided reading and to work with the reading coach! It was really cute.

During lunch, the kids got to bring their lunches back to class. We turned on Kids Bop on Pandora, and gave them little trinkets and hot chips. They had a blast! I took a few pictures of the bracelets and necklaces in action.

Now the winner of the Spring Break Giveaway is..
Alexandria Jackson!

If you didn’t win this time, still visit my store Exploring is Elementary, and stay tuned for even more awesome things coming your way.

See ya’ll later!

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